Time in USA

What time is it? exact time is :

Saturday 13 July 2024, week 28 (UTC -4)

The difference between GTM and UTC

Although both are used similarly, UTC is considered a more precise standard. Fastly UTC has become the international standard for time measuring, replacing the GMT format.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

GMT time is based on the time in Greenwich, where the Royal Greenwich Observatory was located. It was the first standard used for defining time zones worldwide. Over time, GMT was replaced by UTC.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

UTC is a more precise time scale. It is based on atomic clocks and is adjusted according to International Atomic Time (IAT) for synchronization with the rotation of the Earth.

World Time

New York 09:44:29 (13/07)
Los Angeles 12:44:29 (13/07)
Mexico 10:44:29 (13/07)
Sao Paulo 13:44:29 (13/07)
London 17:44:29 (13/07)
Sydney 02:44:29 (14/07)
Tokyo 01:44:29 (14/07)
Mumbai 22:14:29 (13/07)
Berlin 18:44:29 (13/07)
Frankfurt 18:44:29 (13/07)
Madrid 18:44:29 (13/07)
Rome 18:44:29 (13/07)
Shanghai 18:44:29 (13/07)
Paris 00:44:29 (14/07)

Time in big cities